Clermont Management is at the forefront of Building Management & maintenance in the East Midlands.

About Clermont Management

Our business is providing management and maintenance services to existing and new building developments throughout the East Midlands.

We have over fifteen million pounds of property value under management. Our portfolio ranges in size and diversity with unequalled strength in the local industry ensuring that we have the solutions to fit your specific needs with excellence, customer service, leadership, and proactive management.

Currently presiding over 10 properties, Clermont brings professionalism and peace of mind to owners of property portfolios large and small.

Clermont has grown its portfolio primarily by word of mouth, and our hard work and determination make each building the best it can be.

We always look to add that personal touch and go above and beyond the standards of other companies. Whether it is a single abode, or a multi-unit building we treat every resident as part of our family.

If you have an apartment in a building you feel could benefit from the Clermont touch then drop us a line and let us know.

Optional Service Management

  • Collecting rent
  • Assessing and collecting late fees
  • Dealing with maintenance requests from tenants and coordinating with our team of Service Technicians.
  • Performing regular inspections.
  • Reconciling security deposits
  • Long-term strategy planning on investment.

Optional Services

  • Assessing market rent valuations
  • Negotiaton with current tenants
  • Organising renewal letters/new lease
  • Move In and Move Out Inspections
  • Potential tenant screening
  • Market your property to ensure tenancy





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As an owner of several apartments in Nottingham and a Nottingham Letting Agency having Clermont managing apartments building I am associated with has been a very positive experience. We have noticed rents increasing, void periods decreasing, and caliber of tenants increasing.
Mat Timson

Being a doctor and living in Park Heights near the Nottingham City Centre, it was always with reassuring the knowing the building was safe and secure when coming home late at night from Work.
Jennifer Hiscock

We now have Clermont in three of our buildings and with it comes a very welcome peace of mind. Clermont have a wonderful propensity to 'go the extra mile' when it comes to the presentation of the communal areas of the buildings they manage. This gives an excellent impression and overall 'feel' to the building which brings with it the consequent benefits of maintaining rent levels and minimizing void periods. Their staff seem focused on keeping service charges as low as possible, often performing hands-on maintenance work themselves rather than outsourcing, in order to save more money. Clermont seem more concerned with returning value to leaseholders than maximizing profits, so I’d have them in all our buildings if we could.
Jason Absalom

Having a fully operational CCTV system and constant vigilance, vagrants sleeping at night in the Habitat car park has been reduced to a minimum.
Helen Little

With the previous management company at Loxley Court nothing was painted and liter was often found in the stairwells for weeks never being moved for week. Transferring management to Clermont fixed all that and the common areas are all bright and light again. Like when I bought my flat.
Matt Robinson

Using Clermont Management to gain The Right To Manage has been the best idea ever! They did all the work and did it successfully. There never was any financial risk or cost to us. Now having the ability to manage and control our own building gives all the owners in the building 'a great piece of mind'.
Ian Iger

Since Clermont Management took over The Habitat service charges dropped 15%, and has stayed down for the last 5 years.
Graham Varley

Clermont is always trying to reduce costs, either by negotiating with suppliers or putting in low energy light bulbs. They run the building like it was their own….. and their own money!
Mel Thomas

It is great seeing the lobby always clean since Clermont Management took over. When friends and relatives come over, I am proud having them in. Never need to apologies.
Chris Hunt

When Clermont took over the Hockley Mill, the floors were breaking through, and rain was coming through. They replaced all the old flooring, re-carpeted the floors and fixed the roof. None of which the other management company seemed capable of doing. Further, the repairs where done quickly, cleanly and efficiently with minimal disruption.
Steve Young